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29th 2012

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Our Story

Simon met Lucy's eldest brother, Luke.
Luke introduced Lucy to Simon on a night out in barracuda.

Over the next six months they met and kept bumping into one another on several nights out and occasions.

Due to Simon being Lukes friend it was always a little tricky at the start then Simon plucked up the courage to ask Lucy for her number*
*as an emergency contact for Luke on a lads holiday they were going on that week of course.....Yeah Right :)

On the lads holiday Luke kept asking Simon why he didn't stop smiling and who he was texting that week*
*Simon was usually pretty tight using his phone while being abroad.

However Luke knew all along Simon was texting his sister and once they were home it all came out and Luke was happy for us both.

From that day forward I don't think there has hardly been a day they have not spoken*
*We all know how much Lucy can talk.

After their first date back in may 2005, their relationship has just grown stronger and love has blossomed.

2005-2012 has been filled with lots of laughter, fun, adventures happiness and love.

Then in July 2009 on a wonderful holiday in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, on the last night, Simon whisked Lucy off to a beautiful restaurant for a romantic dinner.
Simon took Lucy for a walk down the beach to watch the sunset over the red sea.
There under a beach cabana Simon got down on one knee and proposed.
Lucy was so happy*
*So Happy in fact that she couldn't get the ring on quick enough.
The sun was setting, the night was fantastic it was just perfect.
Friends and Family were delighted.

2010 we bought our first home together and made it our own.

2011 we moved in* and booked and started to plan our big day.
*We spent 5 months getting it in ship shape

2012 is another special year, "Our Wedding".

We cant wait to start the rest of our lives together and are so excited to share this moment with our family and friends.


The Wedding

  • Simon Shahriveri - The Groom
  • Lucy Turner - The Bride
  • Ryan Shahriveri - The Best Man
  • Sophie Doyle - The Maid of Honour
  • Scott Turner - Usher
  • Dominique Hughes - Bridesmaid
  • Luke Turner - Usher
  • Rosie Cook - Bridesmaid
  • Tom Turner - Usher
  • Lauren Cantwell - Bridesmaid
  • Vicky Gisborne-Land - Bridesmaid
  • Fiona McAlear - Bridesmaid
  • Azara - Flower Girl
  • Zain a.k.a The Boss - Page Boy
  • Rosie - Flower Girl
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SimonThe Groom

Simon Shahriveri

Simon is very thoughtful, loving and an amazing person. He loves to have fun and he has a great sense of humour.

He is a very creative and focused person, He is my best friend and means the world to me. I love him dearly and cant wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

LucyThe Bride

Lucy Turner

Lucy is such an amazing and caring person with the kindest nature of anyone I have ever met. She is bubbly, outgoing, always a laugh and most importantly she could talk the back legs off a donkey :)

Lucy can do anything she puts her mind to and their is no doubt I am very lucky to have her as my (soon-to-be) wife.

RyanBest Man

Ryan Shahriveri

Ryan is the youngest (and only) brother of Simon who finds himself very lucky to have a brother who is also his best mate. Ryan is sports mad and dedicates his days as a P.E Teacher to infant school juniors.

Ryan is always up for a laugh and with his distinctive and memorable laughter, whoever meets him ends up in fits of giggles (whether it's with him or at him).

SophieMaid of Honour

Sophie Doyle

This is the lovely and caring Sophie Doyle, Queen of organising so it was inevitable that she had to be appointed as Lucy's maid of honour, which we are so delighted she accepted.

Sophie is a very special friend we have been friends for 14 years and is a magic 7 member. This busy lady is now a hard working solicitor in the centre of Birmingham.


Scott Turner

Scott is a happy, intelligent, laid back younger brother to Lucy. Scott is mad about sport and an avid footballer.

Scott is always up for a laugh and is currently taking time out of education and working in Stratford upon Avon before becoming a sport teacher. We are honoured to have him as our usher.


Dominique Hughes

Dominique is caring, fun and has a great sense of humour. She is always up for the party and has a spontaneous nature which I love about her.

Dominique is also a member of the "Magic 7" we have been friends for 14 years and I am delighted she is a bridesmaid.

Dominique is caring about the welfare of others and is currently training to become a social worker.


Luke Turner

Luke is a bubbly, friendly and thoughtful big brother to Lucy and best friend to Simon.

Very creative and currently studying to be an art lecturer, Luke is fun and outgoing and it was an easy decision to become one of our ushers.


Rosie Cook

This is the sweet, considerate and fun Rosie Cook. Always up for the party and being another member of the "Magic 7", have been friends for 14 years.

She is now living it up and working hard in the city of London and is an absolute queen of tanning and beauty tips. I am honoured she is my bridesmaid and best friend.


Tom Turner

Tom is a loving, caring and hilarious character who I am sure you will all get to know on the big day. Tom is Lucy's youngest brother and very special to both Lucy and Simon.

Tom is a very creative and happy man and starts college in September. Tom loves life (and his DVD collection) and hopes to become a WWE champion wrestler in the future. We are honoured to have him as our usher on the big day.


Lauren Cantwell

Lauren is another member of the "Magic 7". She is a kind, considerate and a great listener who is a fabulous friend.

Lucy and Lauren go back from a young age and have been friends for 17 years.

Lauren is currently living the life in London and is a very hard working girl. I am honoured she is there on the big day.


Vicky Gisborne-Land

Vicky is a kind, thoughtful and a quirky member of the "Magic 7". Vicky is very creative and fun to be around and has currently set up home in Berlin, Germany.

Lucy and Vicky have been friends for 14 years and we are so pleased she keeps flying back to help out on plans and be there for our special day.


Fiona McAlear

Fiona is a happy, friendly and special friend who is always up for the party and will travel the ends of the earth at all hours for any occasion to be there.

Fiona is very creative and is a jewellery designer based in Reading. Lucy and Fiona have been friends for 14 years and is also a member of the infamous "Magic 7". Lucy and Simon are thrilled she accepted to be a bridesmaid.

AzaraFlower Girl


Azara is our beautiful flower girl and niece to Simon and Lucy. Azara is 6 years old and is very excited to be a part of our special day, she will look like a princess.

ZainPage Boy

Zain a.k.a The Boss

Zain is our handsome little page boy and ring bearer who is also nephew to Simon and Lucy. Zain is 4 years old and is very excited to look like his Uncle Simon on the special day.

RosieFlower Girl

Rosie Davis

Rosie is our beautiful Flower Girl and cousin to Lucy. Rosie is 4 years old and is very excited to be apart of our special day, she will look like a princess.

The Location

Knowle Parish Church
Knowle Parish Church

Address: Knowle Parish Church,
1717 High Street,
Knowle, B93 0LN
01564 779 123,

Parking: There is parking to the front of Knowle church and their is Knowle Shoppers Short Stay Car Park located off Saint John's Close, next to the Loch Fyne Restaurant.

The Limes Country Lodge
The Limes Country Lodge

Address: The Limes Country Lodge,
Forshaw Heath Road,
Earlswood, B94 5JZ
0121 744 4800,

Parking: The Limes Country Lodge is fully equipped with a large on-site car park.


If you are in need of some accomodation for the wedding proceedings, then we recommend the following:

Corus Hotel

Stratford Road, Shirley, West Midlands, B90 4EB 0844 736 8605 / +44 (0)121 745 6119 google map

The Village Hotel
The Village Hotel Solihull

The Green Business Park, Dog Kennel Lane, Shirley, B90 4GW 0844 980 0118 google map

The Premier Inn
The Premier Inn Shirley

Stratford Road, Shirley, West Midlands B90 4EP 0871 527 8986 google map

The Holiday Inn
The Holiday Inn Solihull

61 Homer Road, Solihull, West Midlands, B91 3QD 0121 623 9988 google map

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The Registry

Ok, so where are we registered? Well thats a good question! The first thing we want you to keep in mind is that we dont want you to feel any pressure to buy us expensive gifts! We firmly believe, that you being a part of our lives and our special day is the best gift of all. To keep things simple, check out our little poem.....that should give you everything you need to know :)

We have been together for a while,

And have a lovely home.

There are not too many things,

That we don't already own

So please don't be offended,

As we don't have much room,

But if thoughts were on a present,

we would much prefer money,

towards our dream honeymoon.

But the choice is really up to you,

And we would like to say,

That the best gift we could receive,

Is you here, on our special day.